Poster LuxERA Conference 2023

  • Dr. Charlotte Krämer, Dr. Sylvie Gamo, Cécile Braun, Pamela Inostroza Fernandez, Dr. Philipp Sonnleitner: Spotlight on ESG-VP students – a new approach to testing
  • Lena Maria Kaufmann, Constanze Weth, Antoine Fischbach, Caroline Hornung: Can language skills in Luxembourgish be a stepping stone to German?
    Evidence against the transfer assumption

Poster LuxERA Conference 2022

  • Sylvie Kerger, Enrica Pianaro, Claire Schadeck: Gender and diversity representations in textbooks in Luxembourgish secondary education
  • Valentin Emslander, Jessica Levy, Antoine Fischbach: What Primary Schools Are Doing Right: Educational Value-Added in Luxembourg
  • Mahdi Mowlaei: Children’s Multilingual Experiences in Linguistic Identities in Digital Media
  • Robin Benz: Shadow Education in Switzerland. Regional Variation in the Use of Private Tutoring and the Role of Cantonal Education Systems
  • Charlotte Krämer, Yannick Rathmacher, Martha Ottenbacher & Katharina Tremmel: Do your magic, Harry Potter! Popular fiction books and their impact on students’ reading performances
  • Lena Maria Kaufmann, Antoine Fischbach , Martha Ottenbacher & Caroline Hornung: Early Childhood Education and Care in Luxembourg –
    Is attendance influenced by
    immigration background and socioeconomic status?